Advent Day 21: The Great Conjunction

  Today has many significances.  It is Solstice Day. It is the shortest day, the day of least light. It is the 32nd Anniversary of Britain’s most deadly terrorist incident, the tragic on-board explosion which claimed the lives of all the passengers and crew of Pan Am Flight 103 and eleven people on the groundContinue reading “Advent Day 21: The Great Conjunction”

Review: Venus in Pink Marble by Gaynor Kane (published by Hedgehog Poetry Press)

  I am glad I delayed writing this review. When I first received a copy of this poetry collection a few weeks ago I dipped in and out of it, savouring individual poems for themselves, not attempting to take in the effect of the whole collection. On a more recent day I sat down andContinue reading “Review: Venus in Pink Marble by Gaynor Kane (published by Hedgehog Poetry Press)”

11.11.2020: different kinds of Remembrance

November is a month which has a special significance for many people. It is also a time of contrasts – thoughts of those lost to us often take place in rooms infused with exceptional light, of a quality seen at no other time of the year. The following poem is a Tanka, the shortest ofContinue reading “11.11.2020: different kinds of Remembrance”

Donald J Trump: My Part in his Downfall

Now that the Vice-President has been declared President Elect and the Fake-Tan President of Vice has been found wanting and given his marching orders, thereby becoming President Evicted, I think the time is right. Modesty forbids… well it almost forbids, but not quite. I am going to go ahead and own up to the significantContinue reading “Donald J Trump: My Part in his Downfall”