11.11.2020: different kinds of Remembrance

November is a month which has a special significance for many people. It is also a time of contrasts – thoughts of those lost to us often take place in rooms infused with exceptional light, of a quality seen at no other time of the year. The following poem is a Tanka, the shortest ofContinue reading “11.11.2020: different kinds of Remembrance”

Donald J Trump: My Part in his Downfall

Now that the Vice-President has been declared President Elect and the Fake-Tan President of Vice has been found wanting and given his marching orders, thereby becoming President Evicted, I think the time is right. Modesty forbids… well it almost forbids, but not quite. I am going to go ahead and own up to the significantContinue reading “Donald J Trump: My Part in his Downfall”