Advent (delayed) Blog Day 5: Blockage

Do you ever have one of those days? It’s when you’re waiting for news, not just about one thing but about a number of things. You’ve done your job. You sent whatever you had to send. You’ve made an enquiry about something else. You’ve sent a reminder in relation to something where a reply isContinue reading “Advent (delayed) Blog Day 5: Blockage”

Advent Blog Day 17: Memories of Rabbie Burns

Don’t know about you, but I’m all set. I got all the traditional stuff in and have enjoyed a stay-at-home on my own, pandemic-infused Burns Supper, accompanied by Scottish Whisky. Recollections from my childhood flow. I haven’t written poetry every day of my life, though it’s an almost daily event these days. At ten yearsContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 17: Memories of Rabbie Burns”

Advent Blog Day 18: Failure, Or Is It?

Okay, I didn’t manage it. Did not publish 25 Advent blogs between 20th and 25th December, as I suggested I would, but I have three things to say in mitigation.  Warning: this post is devoid of arithmetic and logic. Its results cannot be relied upon. Firstly the target was wrong. As discussed around the ChristmasContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 18: Failure, Or Is It?”

Advent Blog Day 4: August Dream

Unbelievably, it has happened again. In my original notes for 4th December 2020 (intended for my belated Advent Blog) I began by mentioning that it was the birthday of one of my sisters. Using that as a jumping off point I drafted a poem which started off with a nonsense name for my sister whichContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 4: August Dream”

Advent Blog Day 3: Mark III

And so my disordered and disorderly daily January (including belated Advent Blog) posts continue with what should have been but is not the one I originally drafted for Third December (Advent Day Three). For the same reason that I considered it necessary yesterday to replace the intended Day Two post with Advent Blog Day 2: CaringContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 3: Mark III”

Advent Blog Day 1: Christmas 2020 – Preview of a Time to Avoid Getting Excited

Although it is just being published now some six weeks late, this tiny post was written on the first day of December, or to be more accurate, the early hours of Second December, as will be understood from the narrative of the little untitled doggerel poem which concludes it. It was one of those days,Continue reading “Advent Blog Day 1: Christmas 2020 – Preview of a Time to Avoid Getting Excited”

Advent Blog Day 19: First Annual Thanks (2020)

As this is a very new website and I remain in the category of emerging writer, I have not previously had the opportunity to review what has happened in my year of writing. I hesitate to do so in case I fail to credit anyone who has helped or encouraged me in the last twelveContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 19: First Annual Thanks (2020)”

Advent Blog Day 24: Christmas Eve Panic

Here’s the truth. I have a poor track record in Christmas shopping.  As far as I can remember the panic of Christmas Eve shopping started when I was an eighteen-years-old student. I never had any money but did have an understanding girlfriend, who later became my even more understanding wife. During Winter vacation from UniversityContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 24: Christmas Eve Panic”

A Last Blast of Politics Before Moving On

It is my intention to move away for a while from my most recent brief dalliance with political poetry, and I shall do so just as soon as I have given oxygen to two relatively recent publications which placed my work, and the two individual poems which fall into that category.  One poem is certainlyContinue reading “A Last Blast of Politics Before Moving On”