Belated Advent Blog Day 15: The Penultimate

For the posts I have done to date I have usually started off with some rough idea that I have scribbled down somewhere. Sometimes a few notes, or a more or less complete draft. I thought I knew what today’s was going to be about but that has changed. I have just read on socialContinue reading “Belated Advent Blog Day 15: The Penultimate”

(Belated) Advent Blog Day 14: Strong Female Television Leads, including Dickinson/The Great

Taking subject matter in an entirely new direction, I turn my attention temporarily to television drama (of sorts). In recent times (for almost two years and for the most personal of reasons) I have paid only limited attention to the output of television, turning to it mainly for news and information. But gradually I haveContinue reading “(Belated) Advent Blog Day 14: Strong Female Television Leads, including Dickinson/The Great”

Belated Advent Blog Day ‘12A’: Just Your Luck, Mate

I am now nearing the end of this ludicrous task of 24 days of Blogs in the form of an out-of-time Advent Calendar. With this calendar, when you open the box you don’t get a chocolate, but in its place a random thought or two, this time on the subject of luck, good and bad.Continue reading “Belated Advent Blog Day ‘12A’: Just Your Luck, Mate”

Procrastinator’s Advent Blog Day 12: A short walk on 2nd January 2021

Inspired by walking in snow and certain other references from yesterday’s post Ridiculously late Advent Blog Day 11: I wish I’d gone out earlier I recalled and looked out this note I made of a short journey on foot which took place on 2nd January 2021. ‘Still self-isolating as much as possible as we move towardsContinue reading “Procrastinator’s Advent Blog Day 12: A short walk on 2nd January 2021”

Ridiculously late Advent Blog Day 11: I wish I’d gone out earlier

  Well, after a few days’ break I’m back on the trail of counting down the remaining six days of an Advent now lost in the mists of 2020. After this post just five more of that species to go, then this extended exercise will be over. And everyone will be relaxed (me included) knowingContinue reading “Ridiculously late Advent Blog Day 11: I wish I’d gone out earlier”

Belated Advent Blog Day 10: Angels

  Carrying on the theme of Irish and other-worldly, touched upon in the Day 9 post, I have for you the following abbreviated version of something which happened a few years ago. I offer it in this incomplete sketch form on the basis that I may still be able to expand and craft it intoContinue reading “Belated Advent Blog Day 10: Angels”

Out-of-time Advent Blog Day 9: Bridget/Brigid

Should this dogged determination to complete a task continue so far beyond the long-expired days of Advent, I ask? And straightaway I give myself an answer in the form of the following post, knowing that when it is published, only seven more are required to represent the missing days 10-16, all others having been recordedContinue reading “Out-of-time Advent Blog Day 9: Bridget/Brigid”

Advent (Retrospective and Brief) Blog Day 8: Mum

Had I been up to date on December 8th, when the post for Advent Day 8 should have been written, it would have been very brief. So it will be now. This date marked the fifteenth anniversary of the death of my Mum, a day when she joined my Dad lost four years earlier. IContinue reading “Advent (Retrospective and Brief) Blog Day 8: Mum”

(Very Belated) Advent Blog Day 7: Unblocked Plus

For reasons which, for the most part, I cannot divulge publicly yet I now feel completely unblocked, and more; you may say Unblocked Plus. And the final part of this great evacuation took place on a Sunday, when one doesn’t necessarily expect any movement. I should point out, for anyone who has not yet readContinue reading “(Very Belated) Advent Blog Day 7: Unblocked Plus”

Advent (belated) Blog Day 6: A Slight Unblocking

Last night I drafted quite a different post to the one which follows. The original, I decided today, was too much about my personal life and certain recent happenings which brought me an unexpected level of joy.  So I deleted it word by word until all that remained was the the above image, which IContinue reading “Advent (belated) Blog Day 6: A Slight Unblocking”