Out-of-time Advent Blog Day 9: Bridget/Brigid

Should this dogged determination to complete a task continue so far beyond the long-expired days of Advent, I ask? And straightaway I give myself an answer in the form of the following post, knowing that when it is published, only seven more are required to represent the missing days 10-16, all others having been recordedContinue reading “Out-of-time Advent Blog Day 9: Bridget/Brigid”

Advent (Retrospective and Brief) Blog Day 8: Mum

Had I been up to date on December 8th, when the post for Advent Day 8 should have been written, it would have been very brief. So it will be now. This date marked the fifteenth anniversary of the death of my Mum, a day when she joined my Dad lost four years earlier. IContinue reading “Advent (Retrospective and Brief) Blog Day 8: Mum”

(Very Belated) Advent Blog Day 7: Unblocked Plus

For reasons which, for the most part, I cannot divulge publicly yet I now feel completely unblocked, and more; you may say Unblocked Plus. And the final part of this great evacuation took place on a Sunday, when one doesn’t necessarily expect any movement. I should point out, for anyone who has not yet readContinue reading “(Very Belated) Advent Blog Day 7: Unblocked Plus”

Advent (belated) Blog Day 6: A Slight Unblocking

Last night I drafted quite a different post to the one which follows. The original, I decided today, was too much about my personal life and certain recent happenings which brought me an unexpected level of joy.  So I deleted it word by word until all that remained was the the above image, which IContinue reading “Advent (belated) Blog Day 6: A Slight Unblocking”

Advent (delayed) Blog Day 5: Blockage

Do you ever have one of those days? It’s when you’re waiting for news, not just about one thing but about a number of things. You’ve done your job. You sent whatever you had to send. You’ve made an enquiry about something else. You’ve sent a reminder in relation to something where a reply isContinue reading “Advent (delayed) Blog Day 5: Blockage”

Advent Blog Day 17: Memories of Rabbie Burns

Don’t know about you, but I’m all set. I got all the traditional stuff in and have enjoyed a stay-at-home on my own, pandemic-infused Burns Supper, accompanied by Scottish Whisky. Recollections from my childhood flow. I haven’t written poetry every day of my life, though it’s an almost daily event these days. At ten yearsContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 17: Memories of Rabbie Burns”

Advent Blog Day 18: Failure, Or Is It?

Okay, I didn’t manage it. Did not publish 25 Advent blogs between 20th and 25th December, as I suggested I would, but I have three things to say in mitigation.  Warning: this post is devoid of arithmetic and logic. Its results cannot be relied upon. Firstly the target was wrong. As discussed around the ChristmasContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 18: Failure, Or Is It?”

Advent Blog Day 4: August Dream

Unbelievably, it has happened again. In my original notes for 4th December 2020 (intended for my belated Advent Blog) I began by mentioning that it was the birthday of one of my sisters. Using that as a jumping off point I drafted a poem which started off with a nonsense name for my sister whichContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 4: August Dream”

Advent Blog Day 3: Mark III

And so my disordered and disorderly daily January (including belated Advent Blog) posts continue with what should have been but is not the one I originally drafted for Third December (Advent Day Three). For the same reason that I considered it necessary yesterday to replace the intended Day Two post with Advent Blog Day 2: CaringContinue reading “Advent Blog Day 3: Mark III”