Home Stage: Meet the Poet (Phil Vernon & Peter A): 23 June 2021

Well, well, well – that was quite something last night, and I am a little lost for words today! To be paired with a poet possessing the experience, inventiveness and skill which Phil Vernon has in abundance, in a poetry presentation format which enables viewers to see the text of the poem as the poetContinue reading “Home Stage: Meet the Poet (Phil Vernon & Peter A): 23 June 2021”


Review of ‘Art of Insomnia’ by Nigel Kent

Originally posted on Nigel Kent – Poet:
I remember back in the eighties reading Douglas Dunn’s Elegies, his profoundly moving collection of poems about the passing of his wife that were at times almost too painful to read. The same can be said of Peter A’s Art of Insomnia (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2021), a chapbook…


Drop in with Nigel Kent – Poet

Following a break from blogging I shall return to posting fairly regular blogs this month. In the meantime, I take this opportunity to Reblog from my Drop-in with Nigel Kent published this morning. Next Saturday his review of ‘Art of Insomnia’ will appear on the Nigel Kent – Poet website Drop in by Peter A TodayContinue reading “Drop in with Nigel Kent – Poet”


Unauthorised Use

This is a very short post, mainly for the purpose of introducing a very short film I have just made for a poem recently written, called Unauthorised Use. The poem is short, and fairly straightforward I think, so there is no need for me to speak about it at all, except to tell you whenContinue reading “Unauthorised Use”


Locks and Other Things Coming Out of Lockdown

This strange photograph, which to my eyes has the appearance of two fluffy poodles competing in a race against each other, was taken by my hairdresser following my recent appointment for a lockdown-style haircut. The photo captures the hair gathered up following that event.  It took me over nine months to grow those luxurious lockdownContinue reading “Locks and Other Things Coming Out of Lockdown”


Hedgehogs and Dragonflies show up for Spring

First of all, welcome one and all to Peter/A/Writer blog post number Forty, the first of the astronomical Spring, 2021. In the recent warmer dryer weather there has been much to enjoy of nature, though I did not during that balmy time see any hedgehogs or dragonflies. Now in the windswept and wet days ofContinue reading “Hedgehogs and Dragonflies show up for Spring”


Review: Feverfew by Anna Saunders (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2021)

That Feverfew, the sixth and latest poetry collection from Anna Saunders, is laced with quality – at times luxury – is easily evidenced. What is more difficult to explain, though ironically it may be inherent in its stylish packaging, is the exquisite economy and value to be found in this publication.  In large part thisContinue reading “Review: Feverfew by Anna Saunders (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2021)”


Review: HONEY DEW by Darren J Beaney (from Hedgehog Poetry Press, December 2020)

Can love ever be perfect? Can poetry about love be perfect? Can two people living together for a long time be perfect? In my humble view, those are time-wasting questions because answers to them are virtually impossible. It would be more useful I suggest to dip into the approach adopted by Darren J Beaney inContinue reading “Review: HONEY DEW by Darren J Beaney (from Hedgehog Poetry Press, December 2020)”


Review: Venus in Pink Marble by Gaynor Kane (published by Hedgehog Poetry Press)

  I am glad I delayed writing this review. When I first received a copy of this poetry collection a few weeks ago I dipped in and out of it, savouring individual poems for themselves, not attempting to take in the effect of the whole collection. On a more recent day I sat down andContinue reading “Review: Venus in Pink Marble by Gaynor Kane (published by Hedgehog Poetry Press)”

Hi! It’s just Unicorn Day, that’s all

Here we are. It’s a sunny Friday, it’s 9th April and it’s National Unicorn Day! As a Scot I am delighted that King James II endorsed this mythical creature, representing purity and power, as my country’s national animal but I have also learned that it has a lengthy history in other parts of the world. Continue reading “Hi! It’s just Unicorn Day, that’s all”

St. Patrick’s Day Greeting (in both senses of the word)

It’s St Patrick’s Day but still morning so I positively haven’t allowed any alcohol to pass my lips; yet here I am in tears. (Note: a Scottish meaning of the word ‘greeting’) And why you may ask – what’s wrong with you man?  Well I’ve just listened to a rendition of Danny Boy by a four-yearContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Greeting (in both senses of the word)”

Unplanned Mother’s Day/Sarah Everard Blogpost

Today I have to depart from my general plan to post weekly. For various reasons, I feel compelled to include an extra short one but make no apology for that. At the end of a week which included International Women’s Day, I think Mother’s Day is as good a day as any to do this.Continue reading “Unplanned Mother’s Day/Sarah Everard Blogpost”

time in a world upside down

When I first check the time, it is 1.00 a.m. on 5th March. Now that’s earlier than I have been going to bed in recent times, so this is my chance. In an attempt to alter my upside-down lifestyle, I must go to bed NOW. Okay, I’ll do it just as soon as I checkContinue reading “time in a world upside down”