Home Stage: Meet the Poet (Phil Vernon & Peter A): 23 June 2021

This is just a screen grab. The YouTube link is at the end of the fourth paragraph of the blogpost

Well, well, well – that was quite something last night, and I am a little lost for words today!

To be paired with a poet possessing the experience, inventiveness and skill which Phil Vernon has in abundance, in a poetry presentation format which enables viewers to see the text of the poem as the poet reads. To be hosted so skilfully, enthusiastically and insightfully by Florrie Crass on the very professional Home Stage platform.

That was a dream for any writer, and I feel truly blessed that last night happened.

As I expressed at the start I am somewhat lost for words at the moment but we all had a fair bit to read and say during the livestream. So, if that interests you, please click on the YouTube link and savour some of last night’s flavour. If you want to view the video recording of the livestream the YouTube link for it is here https://youtu.be/hFESWt62dag

Finally, if you wish to order a copy of Art of Insomnia it can be obtained from Hedgehog Poetry Press, Amazon or from my Art of Insomnia page here https://peterawriter.com/art-of-insomnia/ (the only way to get a signed copy if that is what you require); and if you wish to purchase Phil’s Poetry After Auschwitz it’s available on Amazon.

His blog post following on from last night’s show can be found here https://philvernon.net/2021/06/24/poetry-reading-with-peter-a/


  1. Mike Powell says:

    I was thrilled and moved to be present during the Facebook Live initial presentation. I really like the way that the moderator steered the discussion to draw out interesting points and perspectives from both you and Phil about the background and development of some of your poems.


    1. peterawriter says:

      Thank you Mike for being there. I am pleased you enjoyed the format as well as the content. Frankly there was so much in Phil’s poetry that discussion could easily have gone on for longer. I am very impressed with the way Home Stage conduct these ‘Meet the Poet’ sessions. If you search on YouTube you’ll find some of the other shows they’ve recorded


      1. Mike Powell says:

        Thanks for the tip about the YouTube video of the previous Home Stage sessions. I am always intrigued by discussions about the genesis of a poem. I was therefore fascinated by the discussion that you and Phil had about one of his poems about a painting and whether the poem was inspired by the painting or whether the painting was merely a vehicle or metaphor for a pre-existing idea.


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