Advent Blog Day 24: Christmas Eve Panic

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Here’s the truth. I have a poor track record in Christmas shopping. 

As far as I can remember the panic of Christmas Eve shopping started when I was an eighteen-years-old student. I never had any money but did have an understanding girlfriend, who later became my even more understanding wife.

During Winter vacation from University I got a job as a Seasonal Postman to earn money to buy gifts, especially for my eternally patient girlfriend. The one snag was that I didn’t get paid until Christmas Eve. When I finished my shift I had to grab a quick snack then start shopping (further details too boring to describe).

The thing is, although I had the same excuse for late Christmas shopping for the next two years, I seem to have continued the bad habit to some extent right up to the present day (many decades later).

At one time, I genuinely believed that Christmas Eve shopping until the stores closed then travelling into the Glasgow Barras for the last few items, was exhilarating. Even this latest Christmas Eve 2020 I had still not learned my lesson and had a few things to buy (details too boring to describe).

It is my intention to make this post my shortest to date on the basis that, if any of you are as disorganised as I am, the last thing you want to be caught doing on Christmas Eve is reading a lengthy document of no consequence.

However, before closing I should take this opportunity to relate that, although I had a most understanding wife who never took me to task about it, my most inexcusable Christmas purchase disorganisation failures were of toys and other gifts for my son when he was young.

As you are all aware there are certain years when very specific toys are the most sought after. And, as I discovered to my cost one year, there is a major disadvantage of being a Christmas Eve shopper. There is a strong prospect that desirable and requested-from-Santa gifts will be sold out.

There is something very dishonest, almost sacrilegious I think, about writing to your child in ornate script a message of apology ‘from Santa’ with an elaborate explanation attempting to soothe disappointment and boost the superiority of the substitute gift. Oh the shame of it!

Having got that confession out of my system, I conclude with my Best Wishes for Christmas.

My next post will attempt to thank those who have helped me make progress in 2020.

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  1. Mary Wilson says:

    Oh the shame of it right enough! A most enjoyable read, thank you Peter


    1. peterawriter says:

      Thank you Mary…sometimes it eases a burden getting this sort of thing off one’s chest


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